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Who We Are

Periculum Global - About us

Periculum Global, was founded in 2012 with the vision of assisting clients Manage Health, Safety and Environmental Risks. Having successfully assisted a large range of clients across the globe we expanded our services in line with industry requirements and technological advances. We now operate in the Total Risk Management Arena.

Integrated Safety Management

Major Accidents continue to occur around the world, in order to aid the prevention of Industrial Accidents a joint venture is required to bridge the gap between generalized Health and Safety and Technical Safety Engineering. We call this Integrated Safety Management.

Our vision is to provide a single source of expert knowledge for the Engineering, Construction and Process Industries concerning all elements of Risk Management.


What we offer

Major Accidents around the globe prompted us a business to evaluate why these rare but globally impacting Incidents still occur despite technological advances. We found as an industry, Occupational Health and Safety and Process Safety Engineering continues to be treated as independent functions; We are one of the first consultancies to tackle this issue and offer a complete singular source solution to clients.

Employing specialists in Behavioural Safety, Chemical Engineering, HSSE, Risk Management, Process Safety Engineering, IT and Cyber Security and High-Level Trainers allows us to provide the highest level of Risk Management services across the globe.


Why choose us?

We as Periculum Global offer a unique solution to our clients by managing multiple aspects of Risk from a singular source, PG offer a range of skill sets to our clients gained from years of experience of Managing Risk across the globe. Being able to offer multiple elements of Risk expertise from a singular source consultancy affords clients a level of comfort and often cost savings.

At Periculum Global we aim to provide you with an effective consultancy service, that meets your particular needs at a competitive price. All our Risk Management Consultants are of the highest calibre and have decades of experience in managing all elements of Risk;

Our commitment to our clients is of the utmost of importance to us, we endeavour to help all our clients to achieve maintain and exceed their own expectations, by ensuring you have full access to our Consultants who are not only qualified but have gained a vast amount of experience in their chosen fields.