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What is BowTieXP?

BowTieXP is the most used risk assessment software that is based on the bowtie method. It enables you to easily create bowtie diagrams to assess risk. BowTieXP is unique in its ability to visualize complex risks in a way that is understandable, yet also allows for detailed risk-based improvement plans.

A bowtie diagram visualizes the risk you are dealing with in one understandable picture. The diagram is shaped like a bow tie, creating a clear differentiation between the proactive and reactive side of risk management. In BowTieXP, the bowtie diagram provides you an overview of multiple plausible incident scenarios and shows what barriers you have in place to control these scenarios. BowTieXP software is developed with the end-user in mind, making it one of the most user-friendly risk assessment tools. It is easy to create a diagram in BowTieXP, but the software also enables you to maintain the diagram so it will always represent the current status of your safety barriers.

Analyse and assess

Once you have built a bowtie, you can analyse and assess the safety barriers that are implemented in it. Various categories can be linked to these barriers to identify amongst others the effectiveness, type or accountability of each barrier. Analyse the barrier effectiveness to get an instant visual insight into the strength of your barriers. In BowTieXP barrier effectiveness is often shown with a traffic light colour code, but this is customizable to your needs.

Analysing barrier types will help you to increase the robustness of the organization and decrease the likelihood of common mode failure.

Accountability can be linked to barriers via customizable job titles. This helps to get insight into which people are responsible for the performance of safety barriers. It makes transparent what everybody is supposed to do to operate safely and increases ownership of the barrier performance.

In BowTieXP you can easily generate risk matrices to assess if you’ve adequately controlled all your risks in a visual way. The risk matrices can easily be customized to company standards. Inherent and residual risk assessments allow for demonstration of improvement in risk level.