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Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment is the process of Identifying, Analysing and Evaluating the Risk, is the only way to ensure that the Cyber Security controls you choose are appropriate to the risks within your organisation.

Without a Risk Assessment to inform your Cyber Security choices, you could waste time, effort not to mention resources. There is very little point in implementing measures to defend yourself against events that are unlikely to occur or won’t have much material impact on your organisation.

Likewise, it is possible that you will underestimate or overlook risks that could cause you insurmountable damage within your organisation.

This is why a Cyber Security Risk Assessment is required when it comes to, the best-practice frameworks within your organisation along with all standards and laws, including the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and DPA (Data Protection Act) 2018.

What’s in a Cyber Security Risk Assessment?

A Cyber Security Risk Assessment identifies the various information assets that could be affected by a cyber-attack (such as hardware, systems, laptops, customer data and intellectual property), it will then identify the various risks that could affect those assets.

We would then perform a Risk Estimation and Evaluation at this point, followed by the selection of controls to treat the all the identifiable risks. It is important to continually monitor and review the Risk Environment enabling you to detect or foresee any changes within the context of your organisation, therefore maintaining a clear overview of the complete risk management process.