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Cyber Security Consultancy

Cyber Security Consultancy

Our focus is to secure our clients’ Information, Technology, and Networks from the ever increasing threats that they face on a day to day basis.

Our consultants will provide you with Leadership, Technical understanding, Intelligence but also find the solutions to allow you our clients to benefit from the huge opportunities that the digital economy brings.

We at Periculum Global know that a stronger defence and better cyber skills are essential in every organisation.

Our experts understand Cloud Technologies, Cloud Security, and how to design, implement, maintain and review their deployment for your organisation.  This is an ever growing industry always changing, so our expertise knowledge is paramount to maximising your organisations reputation.

Periculum Global has the only the best consultants within this field who are clearly motivated to deliver a unique and bespoke service to our clients.

We live in a digital society

As your business grows you will have no choice but to embrace all the continuing changes within Information Technology. These technologies are designed to facilitate an interconnected world that is invariably prioritised by cost and user convenience rather than its security considerations.  This is why the malicious and criminal assassins target this area to not only exploit but identify your vulnerabilities and continue to attack organisations like yours.

Cyber-attacks are on the rise, becoming more and more sophisticated, these assassins make sure that they achieve maximum damage preferably with everlasting effects within the public industrial and private sectors, they take no prisoners. It is imperative that organisations and Governments around the world understand the threats they face are real, and in the wrong hands can have devasting effects.  Your organisation will require a strong fundamental digital foundation to maximise opportunities and manage risk. You have a responsibility to safeguard your assets and maintain the services you provide whilst incorporating the relevant level of security.

Cyber is not solely concerned with faceless criminal groups, ‘script kiddies’, or hostile nation states. The UK National Cyber Security Strategy highlights that insider threat remains a Cyber Risk to organisations, web presence and their IT infrastructure.  Malicious employees who have access to critical systems and data pose the greatest threat, all of which is not easily managed.  They can and do cause significant financial, reputational, and destructive cyber damage to an organisation like yours.

As a businesses or organisations it is imperative that you understand that, should you be a victim of a cyber-attack, you are fully liable for the consequences. Should you fail to act effectively against all cyber threats, your organisation will be left wide open to not only attacks but litigation, and financial loss.