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Cyber Security as a Service (CSaaS)

On a daily basis your organisation will continue to get cyber threats. Our consultants will provide you with Security as a Service (SECaaS). They will show you how this protects your organisation efficiently and effectively. Sadly it is a known fact that the cybersecurity threat landscape is rapidly expanding getting more and more in depth and challenging. There are endless experts who are continuing to fend off attacks in all industries and individuals alike on an hourly basis.  The tasks are relentless, making the lack of security expertise within some organisations a continuing challenge. These challenges are not going away anytime soon. Is has become very clear that some organisations are not instilling a clear process when dealing security systems.

What is Security as a Service?

SECaaS is a way to outsource complex security solutions needs to experts in the field while allowing internal IT and security teams to focus on the core business competencies.

It wasn’t that long ago when security was considered an unnecessary accessory and the majority of technology professionals spent limited time usually making sure that only the perimeter was being kept secure and that firewalls were kept in place.  Some organisations were quite happy to let the latest antivirus program run their systems, believing it to safe and secure. This has been proven wrong on so many occasions, but there are many organisations out there who continue to run on this basis.

Fast forward to today, as the risks are mounting from all directions and increasing at such a high rates, the data assets tend to spend a significant portion of their life in transit both within and outside the organisation. There are new software platforms are being introduced on daily if not hourly basis that coincide with many organisations. It has always been a challenge when providing and maintaining a secure network and perimeter always keeping your data accessible and available.  We will always be able to advise and implement all procedures keeping you fully informed and up to date.

The benefits of cyber security as a service

  • With SECSaaS you’re in control: you decide which services you want to prioritise, adapt or discontinue as your business evolves.
  • Relieve the burden of managing cyber security internally and get direct access to a specialist team of cyber security experts.
  • Increase the reliability of core security functions and improve security efficiencies.
  • Reduce the total costs of employing a cyber risk team and demonstrate greater returns on your security spending.
  • Protect your assets, reputation and shareholder value with recommendations from independent experts based on in-depth insights.
  • Get accurate and comprehensive reports, and track KPIs via the cyber resilience dashboard.


Our consultants have a unique expertise and variety of experience meaning we are able to offer you a clear concise strategy that is entirely bespoke ensuring all your needs are met.  You will also have access to continuing support in all areas making sure your organisation is kept within all the compliancy rules and regulations.