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Cloud Security and Compliance

Take a Cloud Security-First Approach

First things first: Always take a security-first approach that achieves a state of continuous cloud compliance. This will lower costs, minimize risks, and reduce the complexity of cloud operations.

A security-first model maintains continuous monitoring and management of cloud security risks and threats, leveraging tools and automation that:

  • Monitors security threats through real-time discovery
  • Understands security threats through deep insights
  • Acts on threats through automated policies, processes, and controls
  • Measures security and compliance results with robust reporting capabilities

Consider the platform

In a security-first approach, you need a multi-cloud platform that continuously monitors and manages cloud security against your set policies and compliance standards, providing:

  • A complete and unified view of all cloud accounts
  • Generation of regular compliance reports
  • Identification, prioritization, and remediation of compliance risks
  • End-to-end lifecycle compliance monitoring
  • Audit reports that demonstrate round-the-clock security management and compliance

Ensuring Continuous Cloud Security & Compliance with Periculum Global

Periculum Global safeguards the security of your cloud infrastructure and data. We provides continuous security and compliance for multi-cloud deployments. Advanced, automated cloud health checks are easily monitored so you can ensure security compliance. You gain deep insights into your multi-cloud environment based on over 250 health checks and security best practices. Beam enables continuous security management using built-in templates that certify and maintain industry standards such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, CIS, SOC-2, NiST, and ISO.