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IT Safety and Security

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In a world where virtual compromise is a near-constant threat, Periculum Global keeps security top of mind.

An ironclad network means a fully optimized organisational processes. We guarantee your network security while keeping impact on functionality to a minimum. This not only gives you peace of mind and performance, it shows a commitment to safeguarding not only your own organisation but also that of your future clientele.

To best define which security components need to be installed and where, our exceptional consultants:

  • Learn how your network and systems are used to support your organisation’s efforts.
  • Assess how an adversary can use this against you.
  • Identify the true vulnerabilities that can impact your organization and its existing data structures.

Having a fully efficient and effective security system today means so much more than standing up a firewall. Your network design has to provide appropriate segmentation, separating different levels of user or server security and providing strong controls over sensitive data access. All components also need to provide data for centralised monitoring that not only identifies a security breach, but also pinpoints all the affected systems, and provides means to make the right fix.

To achieve this optimal result, we endeavour to create a solid working relationship with yourselves, which starts with the initial planning and design, phased deployment, and recommendations for ongoing management.  This will be a bespoke process that is engineered toward ensuring you have a complete support system in place supporting your that have been put in place.

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