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Workplace Noise Assessments

Noise Assessments

Each year compensation claims are made across the globe for noise-induced hearing loss. This type of hearing loss is a significant problem in many work places, but it can be prevented. A thorough and professional Noise Assessment will ensure that your workers hearing is protected from excessive noise. We as Periculum Global have the expertise and experience to provide an independent, comprehensive assessment designed to keep your employees safe and meet all your legal obligations.

Excessive Noise, although seemingly simple to control results in compensation claims equating to millions of pounds per year, it is common for assessors to complete stationary noise dose assessments and recommend controls / EPP based on a limited sample. This may seem effective but in reality, does very little in ensuring compliance or actually controlling the Hazard of Noise.

Using advanced technology and software such as DoseBadge5 we as Periculum Global are able to provide one of the most comprehensive services on the market. By actively monitoring your operative’s exposure to Noise over working periods (Normally 8 Hours) we are able to calculate total exposure levels and provide a detailed analysis on the required Engineering solutions and EPP.

The Benefits

  • Awareness of noise hazards and actions required by law
  • Safe work environment with the correct PPE for employees
  • Peace of mind that legal Risks are minimised
  • Long term hearing protection for your employees
  • Compliance and the avoidance of penalties

Follow Up Assessments

If changes are made to your workplace that can affect noise exposure, you’re required to carry out additional assessments to determine how the Noise Risk has changed. Changes may include;

  • New machinery
  • Alterations to procedures and shifts
  • Building renovations